Welcome to America's Top Dog Model (R) Management.

America's Top Dog Models (R) are the inspiration behind this managerial platform.

During the many years of organizing America's Top Dog Model (R) Contest, I have received many emails from people inquiring about how to get their dog into modeling. This popular question inspired my second book How to Become a Top Dog Model. It's the "go-to" book for pet parents who want to make their dog a star, or at least look like one. 

Over the years, people have also asked me to represent their prospective dog model. As a former model myself, with over ten years of experience in the canine modeling industry, I decided that it is time, and certainly fitting to launch America's Top Dog Model (R) Management.

Many of America's Top Dog Model (R) winners and finalists have launched successful modeling careers through the national contest, which represents an opportunity for unlimited possibilities.

For guidance with America's Top Dog Model (R) Management your dog must meet the following qualifications:

Sure your dog is cute and adorable, but she/he must also be:

  • Well trained and socialized
  • Healthy with the correct weight for their type
  • Photogenic and equipped with professional photos to prove it
  • Available for auditions and photo shoots
  • Must undergo a pre-screening and audition process

America's Top Dog Model (R) Management is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.  America's Top Dog Models (R) reside nationally, so opportunities may become available in your area.

Management Services Include: 

  • Advise model on training
  • Help model choose a good photographer and pick out shots.
  • Assist with portfolio development
  • Prepare resume or advise model on preparation of a resume.
  • Assist with social media
  • Help model decide on a talent or model agency for representation.

All of our top dog models must be seen in person and participate in an audition. Please sign up on our email list or follow America's Top Dog Model (R) on Facebook to receive information about upcoming auditions.

If you are an out of town company interested in doing work in South Florida. America's Top Dog Model (R) Management can direct you to experienced photographers, producers, production assistants, stylists, location managers, caterers, rental equipment, studios, and whatever else you may require for your shoot.

We look forward to working with you.

Paws Up!

Jo Jo Harder

CEO/America's Top Dog Model (R)

Jo Jo Porductions