5 Indoor Activities For Fun With Your Dog When Its Too Cold Outside

Yes, its cold outside, but dogs need exercise and stimulation regardless of the weather. On days when the weather may be too cold to exercise your dog outside, it’s helpful to have a variety of ideas for providing boredom relief n the comfort of your own home. I thought it would be fun to invite members of America's Top Dog Model Fan Club to share their indoor doggie activities. Thank you everyone who shared your fun snow day indoor activities. 

Riggs & Nova in central Pennsylvania

Jess Hoyt: We live in the country and my two spend lots of time outdoors. We do however use many interactive dog games when it's too cold to be outside. They also love hide n seek so I go hide in the house and they come find me.

The Foskey Kids in Sharpsburg, Georgia

Wendy Agramonte Foskey: Since it really not safe for me to walk outside with the kids I've developed an inside walking trail! I have counted steps from every point in my house and just walk. Of course I have a fan club and we walk single file. The faster I walk the faster they walk. If I start acting silly by waving my arms around and singing Charlie starts looking for the squeak toys and the fun begins. Rose and Mocha start barking, Penny starts dancing, Mr. Jingles turns around in circles and Pocket is cautious due to his eye sight and slowly maneuvers around and barks in harmony with the others. Not very exciting but otherwise they would not move from the fireplace!

Hayley in Streamwood, Illinois

Susan Howard: Hayley loves helping me make hats. She cuddles up behind my back in the chair I work in and is always there if I need to check the fit, lol.

Nikolai in Ohio

Aggie Nevin: Nikolai Helps me with bookwork and computer stuff then he plays catch with his toys and runs in circles around the house.

Doga: I haven't tried it yet with my Romeo, but Doga looks like a fun partner yoga class that people can do with their dogs. I understand that its great exercise and it creates a harmony and synchronization of energy flow between pet parent and dog. Unless you live in a large city, it can be a challenge to find doga classes. Find out if there are clubs offering doga in your area. If there are none near you, contact a local yoga studio and ask if an instructor would consider teaching a doga class at a shelter or dog training facility. Here are a selection of videos demonstrating doga.