How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks and Storms

Fireworks during Fourth of July and New Year's Eve as well as thunderstorms can be scary times for a dog. My Romeo had none of these fears as a puppy, but now he is very frightened of both situations. According to my veterinarian, dogs sometimes develop fears when they get older or there may be a trigger event. Here are several things that I do to help calm Romeo during fireworks and thunderstorms. 

  • Exercise helps. Go for a long walk before fireworks or stormy weather.
  • Find a place where your dog feels safe. Romeo seeks safety at the end of a hallway or my closet where there are no windows. I move his bed to these areas so that he feels comfortably safe.
  • Create background noise. Turn on the television, radio, or play soothing music.
  • Play a game. A fun game of ball or tug-a-war can surely be a pleasant distraction.
  • Get your dog a thunder shirt. This fitted cocoon style wrap makes dogs feel like they are getting a hug.