How to Take Amazing Photos of Your Dog


                                     Photo of Pearl, America's Top Dog Model 2016 Winner by Vasi Siedman - Vis Studio

If you are like most "pet parents," you probably take lots of pictures of your dog. The more time you spend taking photos of your dog the more experience you gain translating how adorable, playful, sleepy, funny, talented, or lovable he/she is. And what better way to spend quality time bonding with your BFF than with a fun photos shoot.

Capturing those special moments can sometimes be a challenge. I asked Vasi Siedman, a super-talented Palm Beach Gardens, Florida based photographer, for 5 tips to greatly improve your dog's photos. She also offered contest winning tips.

Get ready to strike a paws for some really amazing shots!

1. Place your camera at your dog's eye level. It will give you a better perspective.

2. Have your pet situated in front of a plain background and try to avoid any distractions, such as bright patterns or random objects in the background.

3. Look for good lighting. Normally during the day you will have the most natural light. Choose a location that is close to a window but avoid direct sunlight. It is not necessary to have light coming from behind.

4. Have only one person communicate with your pet during the picture time. It becomes distracting if multiple people are talking. Use treats, toys and/or noises to keep your pet focused.

5. Every picture tells a story and captures your pet's distinct personality. Have an idea for your picture before you press "click."

Contest winner Tips:

Follow the contest idea/theme for the picture and be creative with props. Find the right location and proper time of day for good lighting. Most of all be patient and ensure that your pet is safe. I want to wish you all good luck and have fun!

Thank you Vasi Siedman!