Romeo - America's Top Dog Model Ambassador * Photo by Dean Payne

If you are like most "pet parents," you probably take lots of pictures of your dog. The more time you spend taking photosof your dog the more experience you gain translating how adorable, funny, talented, or lovable he/she is. And what better way to spend quality time bonding with your dog than with a fun photo shoot.

Capturing those special moments can be a challenge, so I asked Nicole Geller, a super-talented Tampa, Florida based photographer, for 5 tips to improve your dog's photos. She also offered a contest winner tip.

Get ready to strike a paws for some really pawsome photos!

1. Try to take the photos without treats. Command your pet to sit and make a loud noise to get them to look at the camera. It always helps to use a second person to keep the pet still while you take the image.

2. Squeaky toys are great to get their ears up and eyes looking at the camera.

3. Make sure you stay calm and patient. Pets can pick up on anxiousness. The more patient you are, the better image your pet will allow you will take.

4. Take as many pictures as necessary to get that perfect picture.

We live in a digital age, so unlike film, the more pictures you take, the better chance you have a getting an image you want to keep.

5. If you have a pet that wants to run as soon as you get the camera out, make sure you put them up on a chair or some other type of furniture that will allow you to get the shot. If not, the pet might be too camera shy to sit without moving.

Contest winner tip: You have to create something that cannot be created each day. Maybe a prop, maybe a backdrop or even a cute pet costume, but it has to be different than anything else to catch the judge's eye.