On November 12, 2017, I had the honor of attending Fifi and Dapper’s Puppy Love “Wedding of the Century!” This is my favorite doggie wedding story so far!

There are plenty of paw-some stories about dogs participating in weddings, but never have I experienced or heard tales about two dogs getting married in the name of love and Charity!

The unforgettable, charity wedding took place at Oak-K Farm in Lakeland, Florida, the perfect pet-friendly, place for a farm style wedding. Proceeds from the event benefited four charities: Animal Based Charities, Inc., Pet Pal Animal Shelter, Limbo Chihuahuas and Cares Rescue.

A GRAND TOTAL of $13,001.89 to be exact is how much was raised at the Puppy Love Wedding for these four charities! All charities received $3,060.00 each. The remaining funds of 761.89 went to Chihuahua 911 account which is a medical emergency fund. This is true Puppy Love! Woof Woof!

The bride and groom arrived via horse drawn carriage.

Fifi and Dapper strolled down the aisle in elaborate wedding strollers created by Wendy Foskey of Katie’s Carriage. Fifi's gown by Tammy Peace.

As you can see, the peach wedding color scheme translates beautifully from attire, to décor, to the corsages created by Susan Howard of Hayleys Hats. Dapper's tux by Miss Muffins Closet.

Being a flower dog is very tiring!

Stylish guest Nevada (R) and her BFF (L).

Here I am (wearing black sunnies) with Wendy Foskey and Mocha (America's Top Dog Model 2017 finalist).

Congratulations to the bride and groom and to the moms Lynne Tonte and Barbara Strouse!

All of the dogs were very well behaved. After the ceremony, the bride, groom and canine guests attended the reception mingling with the human guests who enjoyed a delectable chicken, ribs, baked beans, and coleslaw buffet.

Fifi and Dapper's beautiful, wedding cake was donated by Publix.

(L-R) Tammy Peace, Wendy Foskey, Barb Sturm, and I (Standing) are ready to paw-ty!

This fabulous Puppy Love Wedding is proof that "dogs make a difference in people's lives" and inject fun into every situation! (Photos by Jo Jo Harder & Barb Sturm).