Spring is here! Celebrate with this bucket list filled with activities for enjoying life when days are sunny, and bright and the temperatures start to rise. Here are 70 Spring Bucket List Ideas for the entire family, that you can add to your list right now.  

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Outdoors 

1.  Go for a hike 

2.  Fly a kite 

3.  Celebrate National Pet Day

4.  Plant a vegetable or flower garden 

5.  Enjoy Dog Day MLB games

6.  Go berry picking then make jam

7.  Stargaze outside 

8.  Go kayaking, paddle boarding or rafting 

9.  Take your dog on a bike ride

10. Attend a farmer’s market 

11. Celebrate Earth Day 

12. Go bird watching 

13. Play frisbee toss in the yard 

14. Host a backyard Bark-B-Q

15. Make a bird feeder 

16. Blow bubbles 

17. Take a nature walk 

18. Plant some seeds 

19. Pick wildflowers and make a bouquet 

20.Take a walking tour

21. Experience a new outdoor patio restaurant 

22. Enjoy a sunrise walk on the beach 

23. Enjoy a sunset on the beach 

24. Attend an outdoor concert 

25. Go to a drive-in movie theater 

26. Plan a fun day at the park 

27. Go on a picnic 

28. Go camping 

29. Take a road trip 

30. Attend a dog friendly festival 

31. Take your pup on a boat day

32. Dine alfresco 

33. Visit a dog-friendly vineyard 

34. Go window shopping 

35. Have an Easter egg hunt 

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Indoors 

36. Try new recipes 

37. Bake cookies and dog treats 

38. Spring clean, donate old clothes to charity 

39. Create a family spa day 

40. Relax on the couch with your pup and a good book

41. Have a photo shoot

42. Teach your dog new tricks 

43. Have a do-nothing day

44. Have a pajama party 

45. Stay up all night watching tv 

46. Create a family scrapbook 

47. Plan a pizza and a movie night 

48. Have Family game night – play board games 

49. Have an indoor scavenger hunt 

50. Create a Tik-Tok dance video 

51. Visit a virtual museum 

52. Practice doga 

53. Practice yoga 

54. Decorate eggs 

55. Present a spring fashion show

56. Have a talent show 

57. Volunteer at a humane society 

58. Make jewelry 

59. Get organized 

60. Have a tea party 

61. Play with your pet 

62. Have a karaoke or dance contest 

63. Build an indoor obstacle course with toys and furniture

64. Create paper bag puppets and have a puppet show 

65. Listen to music 

66. Start a windowsill herbs garden 

67. Have an indoor picnic 

68. Play hide and seek 

69. Get creative with crafts 

70. Make popsicles and pupsicles