Now that colder days have arrived, it's time to make a pot of your favorite tea, bring out the quilts, and grab the best books for dog lovers to read in winter. Curl up with your pup and one of these suggestions selected from America's Top Dog Model 2023 Paw Prints Magazine column “Top Reads,” and experience this beautiful season from the warm, comfort of your home.

Named a Best Feel-Good Book by The Washington Post, Piglet is a charming, inspirational memoir about empathy, resilience, kindness, and an adorable deaf blind pink dog. When Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro gets a call about a tiny deaf blind puppy rescued from a hoarding situation in need of fostering, she doesn’t hesitate to say, “yes.” Little does she know how that decision will transform her, her family, and legions of admirers destined to embrace the saga of the indomitable pink pup. Curious, engaged, and incredibly eager to learn, Piglet quickly became part of the family. What started out as a few simple Facebook posts of Piglet and his pack, rapidly evolved into a global celebration of Piglet’s infectiously positive mindset. Atria Books.

Forever Home will leave a pawprint on your heart with its series of full-color, close-up portraits of rescue dogs and their stories of adoption, from the photographer of Shelter Dogs and Finding Home. Behind every dog in Forever Home is a touching tale of resilience and love. Packed with twenty-seven heartwarming and inspirational stories of rescue dogs of all ages, this photographic series showcases how the journey to forever isn’t always a straight line. Through their portraits and accompanying stories, you will fall in love with the adorable canines who have traveled this path, learn of the steps along the way, and celebrate pet rescue and adoption in all its forms. Whether you’re a new puppy parent or simply an animal lover, Forever Home is the ideal tribute to our favorite furry friends. Traer Scott (author/photographer). Princeton Architectural Press.

A delightful book that will appeal to art lovers and dog lovers alike. From the very beginning of Norman Rockwell’s career, dogs were integral to his art. Often they convey the emotion of a scene, as when a family pet bounds forward to greet a soldier returning from war, or sadly nuzzles a young man departing for college. Rockwell had a special facility with his canine models, who were sometimes his own dogs: Raleigh the German shepherd, Butch the springer spaniel, and Pitter the beagle mix. Faithful Friends reproduces fifty of Rockwell’s finest paintings with canine characters, along with his drawings and reference photos of dogs, and rarely seen Rockwell family photos. A lively text takes the reader inside Rockwell’s home and studio, illuminating his life with dogs. Margaret Rockwell; Abbeville Publishing.

Dogs have been man and women's best friend for as long as we’ve been sketching on canvas. In the background, behind the table, or right at the forefront, dogs of the past peer out from paintings and sketches, frescoes, and prints across art history. Art Dog is a collection of these painted pooches, featuring works from artists across the ages and continents. Japanese prints and German oils, American sketches and Italian murals are all included. The works span eras and styles, but as different as these dogs are, one thing shines through: the love we’ve always had for them. 

There's so much to be anxious about in this world: meeting new people, unfamiliar sounds, and worst of all, the seagulls that try to steal your chips. From social media sensation @WorriedWhippet comes a whimsically illustrated full-color book about taking a cue from one anxious little dog and mustering up the courage to step into the world with hope. In Worried Whippet: A Book of Bravery (Harper Celebrate, hardcover) follow along as a nervous little dog learns to counter daily worries with humor and heartfelt inspiration. Author Jess Bolton created Worried Whippet to start conversations about mental health online. Through the struggles and successes of an anxious dog finding her place in the world, Worried Whippet has captured hearts around the globe. Jess and her dog, Jess, live in London, England. Award-winning illustrator Anna Pirolli has worked as a freelance illustrator for companies such as Vogue, MTV, Telecom, Nickelodeon, Furla, Disney. She lives in Milan, Italy.

How to Become a Top Dog Model is the answer to every aspiring canine model's dream. Today's stylish pooches can learn all there is to know about launching a modeling career or at least look like a "top dog model." This "first" ever guide to canine modeling by pet lifestyle expert, former model, and stylist, Jo Jo Harder, is packed with information on modeling, designers, training, grooming, nutrition, and a peek into the lifestyle of America's Top Dog Models. Available in soft-cover and E-book. TriMark Press.

Pilley Bianchi pens a love letter to dogs and dog ownership through observations, lessons, and wisdom gained from her family dog Chaser, the popular subject of her father John W. Pilley's New York Times best-selling book Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words. Chaser was dubbed "the smartest dog in the world" before crossing the rainbow bridge in 2019. New Yorker and New York Times illustrator Calum Heath's charming black-and-white illustrations throughout add a unique graphic style to this gifty package, making it an irresistible volume for anyone devoted to dogs. For the Love of Dog takes the reader on a journey of all things dog, with chapters that cover the history of dogs and how breeds developed from wolves, dog philosophy, tips and tricks for good dog behavior, and much more.

From the Camping with Dogs team, Every Dog Deserves an Adventure encourages people everywhere to go on outdoor adventures with their dog. Whether it's camping or hiking, kayaking or skiing, dogs love spending time with their humans in nature. If you have a furry friend, it's time to go out and find a trail you both love. With stunning photography and heartwarming stories of how people got into camping with their dogs, this book is a love letter to dogs around the world; from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Organized by season, each section features photos with various types of dogs, hikes, terrain, and activities, as well as:

* Tips on camping with your pups

* A bucket list of great hikes and trips

* Key items you need to keep your dog safe and happy on the trail.