The first season of America’s Top Dog Model’s new original reality series How to Get to the Top was a huge success! All 5 episodes can be viewed on America's Top Dog Model YouTube Channel. 

  • The series which premiered August 7, How to Get to the Top is YouTube’s newest reality series that focuses on the lifestyles of America’s Top Dog Model ® winners and their people.
  • Each week in the 5-Episode series, America’s Top Dog Model 2019 winners along with their people reveal their journey to the top!

America’s Top Dog Model competition provides an opportunity for our aspiring canine models, which include rescues and mixed breeds, to be celebrated. This is America’s Top Dog Model’s mission, "to celebrate dogs that make a difference in people’s lives."

America's Top Dog Model ® 2019 winners were selected for their winning style and heartwarming stories, along with star qualities, training, charities, and best thought out photographic portrayal of the contest theme “Pup Stars.”

During America’s Top Dog Model premiere “How to Get to the Top - Working the Red Carpet,” host Deirdre Heavey interviews me along with previous national winners, Kelcey Roberts/Lily and Cheryl Bauer/Pearl as they share their heartwarming stories.

Join us in Episode 2 - for America's Top Dog Model ® Casting Call at South Florida Pet Expo West Palm Beach, as part of our 2019 Contest "Pup Star!" 

During “The Photo Shoot - Episode 3,” Vasi Siedman, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, based photographer, conducts an amazing calendar photo shoot starring three of America's Top Dog Model 2019 casting call finalists, Bella Boo, Presley and Kekoa. You will also get a glimpse of finalist Nevada's photo shoot at J.C. Penny Portrait studio.

During Episode 4 - Meet America's Top Pup Stars, my BFF Romeo and I, introduce America’s Top Dog Model 2019 national Pup Stars: Moto Girl, Nevada, Athena, Ryder Cole, Tucker, Bella Boo, Macie Blu, Presley, Daphney, Kekoa, Peanut, and Kronos. Watch how these amazing top dog models got to the top and see their fabulous winning contest photos. 

Join us live for America's Top Dog Model Black & White Party, hosted by Woof Gang Bakery Palm Beach, to celebrate our new reality series "How to Get to the Top - Episode 5." This is the final episode for first season. If you missed previous episodes, you can view them all here. Thank you for watching. Please remember to subscribe to America's Top Dog Model YouTube channel. The best is yet to come! 

To learn more about America’s Top Dog Model visit our website and follow the brand on  FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Athena's photo and red gown by Cristina Bruno Dalola. All other photos by Vasi Siedman

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