June 19 is National Pets in Film Day. It was created in 2011 by pet and family lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige. Her mission was to remind people to spend more time with pets and other family members.

We all have our favorites canine stars – from Lassie to Snoopy; from Rin Tin Tin to Marley: and many more. Nothing makes a movie better than having an adorable dog as the star.

To celebrate National Pets in Film Day, we conducted a casting call among America’s Top Dog Model Facebook Fan club members, in search of the next top canine stars. The results are in and you are invited to curl up on the couch with your four-legged furbaby and applaud your favorites! Meet 6 top dog stars.


Missie, America's Top Dog Model 2018 Winner, stars in Blue Hawaii - Photo by Terry Joyce - Set by Sly Joyce - Soundtrack Elvis Presley 

Suri, America's Top Dog Model 2018 finalist, stars in Moulin Rouge - Photo by her mom Allyson Lee Osborne-Cooper

Cooper, America's Top Dog Model 2014 Finalist is The Godfather - Photo by Jan Stanley - Layout by mom Angy Gardner

Harley, America's Top Dog Model 2018 finalist stars in Skyfall - Photo by Jan Stanley - Layout by mom Angy Gardner

Aila Pearl Belle Schauer, America's Top Dog Model 2009 finalist, stars in I Love Lucy - Photo by Marcia Wright Reynolds

Charlestyn, America's Top Dog Model 2017 finalist, plays Ana in Frozen - Photo by mom Helga Lopez

Thank you everyone who participated in our casting call. Congratulations to our amazing stars!