These amazing "top dog models" unleashed their love in Paw Prints Magazine February/March 2024 dual issue. Meet Valentine's Day sweethearts, including coverdog Babydoll, and "supaw" models: Suge B, Teddy, London Blu, Lexington, Betsey, Saya and Pepper, and find out how they spread the love.

Baybydoll's cover photo by Mom Dixie Fallin Slamans

Hi, I'm Babydoll. This year for Valentines, Daddy said he is taking me and Mommy out to dinner! I always have fun going anywhere with them! I am so blessed to have paw-rents that love me so very much! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day and don't forget to make sweet memories! 

My name is Suge B. Valentines Day is a fun day! I get to play with my brother Peanut and get spoiled with all the love Mommy gives us. Plus, we get so many yummy treats. But it’s really all about love, isn’t it? Photo by mom Fay Jensen. 

Woof! I’m Theodore “Teddy,” a four-year-old, very fluffy, petite mini Goldendoodle. I’m a lover and I plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by spreading love, cuddling and giving out kisses. Photo by mom, Laurie Barocas.

Hi! I’m London Blu, a 9-month-old Irish Pied Merle female French Bulldog. My mom takes my photos and I demand treats in payment for my time and cooperation. But I’m also full of love and I love giving kisses, cuddles and snuggles. Photo by momager LaToiya.

Hello, I’m Lexington, aka Lex. I’m a super chill 6-year-old chocolate brown French Bulldog from Chicago. I help my mom out a lot because I’m a certified service animal and I get to travel all over the world with her! On Valentine’s Day I plan to ask my Instagram crush Ms. Brooklyn to be my Valentine (please don’t tell my mom, she’ll be devastated. Lol). Photo by momager LaToiya.

My name is Betsey, and I'm a 5-year-old pug. I always wear pink which is my favorite color. Valentines is my favorite holiday! I love seeing so much pink in all the shops! I also love lips and hearts! Mommy says my face is heart shaped and my signature is lips. I plan on celebrating Valentines Day by sending out “PUGS & KISSES" to all my friends and family! Photo by mom Lisa Kerner. 

Hi, my name is Saya. My plan for Valentine's Day is to wait for mommy to come home from work. She works a lot to take care of me. After she gets home, we will cuddle and hopefully she will give me extra treats and a surprise! Photo by mommy Dianna.

Hi! I am Pepper, a three-year-old Maltipoo! I love spending time with my bestie, Maverick. He loves to play fetch with me and give me hugs. My parents take me everywhere they can so I can make memories with them. My plan for Valentine’s Day is to spend it with my parents and baby brother. We usually cook steak and lobster for dinner and my parents always make some for me too. We will also go to my brother’s school for Valentine’s Day fun with his classmates. I can’t wait! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Photo by V Jennings. 

Read these amazing top dog model's full stories and more in in Paw Prints Magazine February/March 2024 dual issue. Happy Valentines Day!