While the weather is cooling down, things are heating up for Halloween! Prepare your pups with these 5 tips for keeping them safe.

  1. Decorating is a fun part of Halloween, but curious dogs might not understand that your cute Halloween decorations are only for looking at and not, eating. Remember to place your decorations out of your pups reach.
  2. Make sure your dog has safe space away for loud noises. If your dog is prone to anxiety, he/she will appreciate the added security. Soothing music, fun games, and chew toys can also be a distraction. 
  3. Choose your dog’s Halloween costume carefully. When selecting a pup costume, the most important thing to keep in mind is a good fit. Your dog's costume should fit well and remain securely in place. Tight clothing can impair circulation and a loose outfit can get tangled or cover your dog's eye.
  4. Keep candy out of reach. Sugar, chocolate, raisins, and candy wrappers can all cause problems. Should your dog get into these treats or candy wrappers, call your veterinarian right away.
  5. If you plan on taking your dog trick or treating, Keep your dog on a leash at all times and carry a flashlight. Decorate treat bags with reflective tape, and avoid crossing lawns and yards where furniture and ornaments present danger. Also, go only to homes where residents are known and have a welcome light on.

Happy and Safe Halloween!